Vidih - Stream for iPad

Do you require a stream for your iPad? By using the Vidih app, you will be able to streamline your streaming process and save time when uploading your video or gaming experience.

The basic premise of Vidih is that it gives you the flexibility needed to record, download or live stream the footage from your phone onto a Vidih account for use online. It means that you will not lose any quality on the image or the sound.

Vidih records any app displayed on your screen in your choice of resolution; this can include HD 1080p at 60fps.

For your iPad, streaming your screen requires you to ensure 'AirPlay Mirroring' is selected with your preferred resolution, then you’re free to stream and record!

With no need for web cams to film your screen or the need to add a sound over the top to ensure the footage looks and sounds good, Vidih will record it as it is and allow you to share your footage online – whether it’s on Facebook or YouTube.

With over 30 server locations around the world, Vidih is optimised to perform for you. It is safe and secure to use and your private information will be kept entirely private.

Record, download or livestream to YouTube, Twitch and Facebook easily today with Vidih.

Our App is in the App Store and ready to download right now.

Check back regularly for articles about how to Stream With iPhone, iPad or iOS. We will update this section soon with more information about how to Stream a Game for iPhone, iPad or iOS.